constipation relief that lasts for as long as 6 to 7 days1,2

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

ASC ref. num A134P010522DS


Discover why Lactulose (Duphalac®) has been trusted by generations for gentle and
effective relief from constipation3,4

relief from

Positive tolerability
profile for patients
of all ages

Exerts prebiotic
effect contributing to a healthy gut

#1 lactulose

who can use

Lactulose (Duphalac®) has been used to help treat constipation for all members of the family for more than 50 years.6 

Lactulose (Duphalac®); can be taken by:4

Which is for me ?

Find the right product for you from the Lactulose (Duphalac®) range

Lactulose (Duphalac®) solution offers relief from constipation for all members of the family.

It is available in bottles of 45mL and 120mL, so that you can choose the size that is most convenient for you.

Lactulose (Duphalac® Fruit) offers gentle, effective relief for mothers and expectant moms.

Lactulose (Duphalac® Fruit) is a ready-to-use, syrup-based solution. It is fruit flavoured with no need for mixing or adding water.

It has a handy measuring cup that can be used to measure the correct dose.


Did you know that around 40% of people affected by constipation suffer from reoccurring constipation that can last for several weeks or longer?